I was born and raised in a small city in Russia. I was intrigued by fashion at a very young age when I began redesigning clothes found in my parents’ wardrobe. I remember sitting on the floor of their huge closet surrounded by random items of both of my parents. And I would take things that I thought I haven’t seen them wear in a while and rip them, stitch them and alter to a point they were no longer recognizable. And then I would proudly wear the final garments.

My passion grew only stronger over the years. After I have graduated high school I moved to the United States. I started to design and make my own casual clothing and purses while I went to school for Fashion Design. Later, I started my studies under a master bridal seamstress. It was a very fun job with excessive knowledge on the construction of the garments but it made me realize that working as a seamstress was just not enough.

Daria Karaseva Clothing was established with an idea that every day in your life is special and during every moment of it you should be wearing something that you feel empowered by. I believe that everyday should be a statement of your uniqueness. I believe that a woman shouldn't be afraid to express who she really is with the help of clothing and she should feel comfortable doing so. When I design, I enjoy playing with hard and soft elements, combining them together in the way so that they would complement each other, so as to show the different sides of a Woman’s character. 

Daria Karaseva is currently based in Lisle, IL - a Chicagoland Suburb.  All of the garments are handmade in the USA